Peopling of America―“First Americans”

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New findings in ①Florida (to Coastal Migration Theory) and in ②Amazon estuary (the oldest pottery in new American continents reminds of Jomon) indicate not only Siberian hunters, but Proto-Japanese Sojin, predecessor of Jomon, not Ainu should be paid more attention to.

DNA affinity ③among Jomon Japan ― Onge Andaman Is ― Amazon old tribes in South America indicates interesting triangle relation. ④Coastal Migration theory supports seafarer Proto-Japanese Izu Sojin (38,000 BP~) and its descendant Doto Sojin (before 30,000 BP in eastern Hokkaido) who seems to have continued migration up north to Beringia and down west coast all along Kelp Highway.

―Research Group about Proto-Japanese (RGaPJ)