Olympic Marathon 2020 in Hokkaido, starting migration place to American continents

カテゴリー: 最新情報

Human migration to new American Continents might have started from Hokkaido since 30,000 BP . The route ① was along the coast of Beringia and down to south. It’s also known as the “Kelp Highway” now. Original Japanese “Nihon Sojin” families crossed Akebono sea by boat and had started life in Kyusyu, then prevailed to Japanese Archipelago by 30,000 BP from Okinawa south to Hokkaido north. Ancient Akebono sea and Bering sea should be paid attention more as cradles for Japanese and American natives. The environmental situation of those for ancient people aren’t so clear though. One for Bering sea, cold water of North Pole sea had been stopped by Beringia land bridge and connected with warm sea around Hawaii.