Wajak ManーMingler of North and South

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It is said that Homo sapience get out from Africa to Eurasia in 80,000-60,000 years ago and probably reached Sundaland in 70,000-50,000. The sea level was lower 130m than that of nowadays.

They proceeded along vast seashore toward East. Then they crossed eastern straits upto Australia by 40,000 years ago and also went upward to north.

It was faster to East than West Europe even though it needed to cross straits.


Homo sapience Wajak Man, in East Java, is thought to be existed from 40,000 to 11,000 years ago and Niah Man, in Sarawak Malaysia also from 40,000.

Wajak is mountain and basin place name and Wajak Man was inicially found in slope. It’s in the southeast of Sangiran, Solo.


Homo sapience of this age were found in many places in spite of difficulties for finding in this tropical region.  Those are from in west Thailand to Papua in the east. So, it seems they had spread over Sundaland.


As for Wajak Man, they were of mixed parentage and show both characteristics of Chinese and Aborigine in Australia, too. They had long existed and spreaded even to Japan.

Paul Storm insists that the most likely interpretation is to consider the Wajak skulls as Mesolithic robust representatives of the present inhabitants of Java after with worldwide decrease in size of the human body.


Important thing is, mixture of Homo sapience in North and those south locals occured in Sundaland in fairly early stage of human’s spreading deployment as Wajak Man appeared in 40,000 years ago.

It also means that wave and numbers of Homo sapience in North coming down to Sundaland were big enough to make such influence. It was not once, but many times in tens of thousand years because of very cold climate in North.

Thay can’t help coming down to warm environment of Paradise in Asia. And when it became rather warm in North, some went upto it.

Mixture of Homo sapience of quite different each way of living must have mingled technique and developed culture in melting pot-Sundaland.

I think Wajak Man were a big player in Paradise in Asia-Sundaland because of its long existence, spreading even to Japan and ancestor of modern Java people.

But, a bit concrete salad bowl image of Sundaland people should be formed with more evidences in future.

We should pay more attention to Sundaland as a fore stage of Mesopotamia Civilization.