No cavern in SangiranーThe Homeland of Java Man

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Sangiran is located in the center of Java Island, Indonesia. There is the World Heritage of Homo erectus Java Man.


I moved around there by biketaxi and visited modern museums.

Here and there, houses of local villagers are seen. After a while, biketaxi stopped and I saw the path is destroyed by intense flow of stream. No way, we took a rest.


I talked with my driver and a young shop owner for coffee. I asked them, ” Are there any caverns ?”, then replied ” No, not at all.” Surely, Java Man couldn’t have even made them in this region because of the soil, I noticed.


Textbook in school gives us image that Homo erectus and even Homo sapience in stone age had lived in caverns.

But, there are no caverns at all for many Java Man lived nearby river stream. That’s why they seem to be existed just as standing or sitting though I know they were hunter-gatherers among many kind of large animals.


Museum can’t show their real life to us because of no evidence. But, it can’t help showing wrong image widely.

No clear evidence doesn’t mean no existance, as discussion on dark matter in universe.

Museum kindly show us only French example, with humble cottage and fire of Homo erectus’ life.


It seems to me natural that even in other countries’ case, numbers of suitable caverns nearby river stream doesn’t fit to those estimated of Homo species. Anyway, most of them must have lived outside caverns.

Now,we have to change image of their life in cooperation of all fields of science. And it’s not a minor difference between life in cavern and that of humble cottage even if they were moving around place to place by the age of settling down.

Analogy is as like difference of life in a bit isolated fort on a hill to that in social environment of plain. The latter could be shifted smoothly to next step of life in settling down.

Then, I think that the amasing megalithic culture of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, 11,500 years ago, won’t be so surprising to us. Situs Megalitik Gunung Padang in West Java, too.

What should we image about their life in plain ?


It’s not their responsibility, but our’s.

Next, I won’t touch upon Florencians, but on mysterious Homo Sapience Wajak Man・・・. The place is in East Java not so far from Sangiran.