Plato’s Atlantis and Christopher Columbus

カテゴリー: 最新情報,前線ルポ

Nara Akira

Many modern scholars think that “Atlantis” written by Plato is his fiction.  So, they don’t touch this theme, by naming it “A” letter.

But, there’s no logical explanation of it. It merely because of deep disappointment after they searched it hustle and bustle in Atlantic ocean, though Atlantic ocean includes Indian, Pacific, too, in ancient times. And finally, modern science geology totally denied lost continent in (western) Atlantic ocean.

Well experienced sailor, Christopher Columbus collected lots of information at his time and dared to sailed for visiting not only Japan, but also Atlantis based on his experienced sailing techniques. He knew sea wind well and confident, so it wasn’t adventure for him, but practical treasure hunting.

I see that in his voyage routes and it seems he himself in his mind gave up after 4 times trials.

Yes, Christopher Columbus did many bad things to local people, but he should be understood as a first Captain in history tried to find Antillia practically. ③voyage shows it though he couldn’t make it. Modern scholars agree that Plato’s Atlantis must be in tropical zone if it existed. No way, Columbus didn’t know Pangkal Peninsula, even America.

Modern scholars shouldn’t laugh at him as they talk on recent noisy situation near the Peninsula though they also don’t know much about it.