Do you know Proto-Japanese,”Sojin”, since about 40,000 BP ?

カテゴリー: 最新情報

It’s very strange, but no book, no TV program , no youtube movie at all on the beginning of Japanese History, “Sodai” era before Jomon. Proto-Japanese “Sojin” should be paid attention more in discussion on First Americans, as surprising discoveries continue recently.

①They crossed the Izu sea to get obsidian at Tokyo Islands and exchange in broad area f region since 38,000 years ago! ② Bones, 27,000 BP were found in the Ishigaki island, Okinawa. Those weren’t so different from the Sundaland type. ③ Polished stone tools, found in all over Japan are 10,000 years earlier than those in Middle East and in Europe. ④ Remains of Stone tools’ fragments were discovered in Sano city and those indicate ancient circle camp life just like a native Indian’s. ⑤Trapping pit hunting holes were discovered in sites from south to north. Big and many holes were made without metal shovels, in well organized settings. ⑥ Old fishhook were found in south island.

Proto-Japanese crossed the narrow Tsugaru strait and migrated to Hokkaido, prevailed along “Kelp Highway” of rich maritime materials by 30,000 BP and seems to have continued going up north to Beringia, because Putin wasn’t at that time.