Not Mongoloid, but Inmalay was “First Americans”

カテゴリー: 最新情報,祖代(Sodai)・祖人(Sojin)

Latest research shed light on First American’s relatives.

Mongoloid adapted to cold weather didn’t appear yet (Dr. William Howells, Harvard Univ), but “Inmalay” had migrated from southeast Asia to Beringian southern coast in initial phase. Paleo-Mongoloid is misunderstanding, unsuitable terminology.

Latest research on DNA, cranial morphology and migration route reveal affinity among “natives” around Pacific Ocean. Affinity in Meso-America and vast south America, those with Australo-Melanesian who had migrated through southeast Asia “Sundaland” to the east. On the other hand, DNA analysis had revealed affinity among East Asian “Sojin, Proto-Japanese before Jomon”, Inmalay and Andaman islanders. It seems Philippine natives, too as their DNA indicated slight affinity with old Amazon tribes in SA.