New Wind of Paradise in Asia(Newpia)

About our site name, New Wind of Paradise in Asia(Newpia) comes from an idea that new wind of ancient civilization of Paradise in Asia should be prevailed to the world.
Paradise in Asia, it’sSundaland area, was sunken large peninsula landmass in Southeast Asia, once existed as like the name, and mainly disappeared under sea by 7,000 years ago .
It’s also the most probable place as Atlantis, written by Plato.

Initially, we paid attention to the ancient root of troublesome modern human society.
It means when and where initial civilized human society, big enough, organized and culturally rich in vast area for long centuries, clearly different quality from that of monkeys.
Actually, it seems that the root was before the Mesopotamia and the Yangtze civilization. It was in mysterious period of super ancient prehistory, from Last Gracial Maximum 20,000 to 7,000 years ago.

Now, megalithic site of Gunung(hill) Padang(bright) in west Jawa, Indonesia has been investigating and called as a pyramid which had built in more than 10,000 years ago. I flew from Tokyo, visited the site, talked with researchers and I’ ve decided to live in Bandung, west Jawa with learning language and culture as a student. This Gunung Padang and recently found ancient canal irrigations under sea water in the Bay of Thailand will be recognized as sure evidences of super ancient civilization in this region, Paradise in Asia.

Super ancient megalithic site Gobekli Tepe in the Neolithic era was found and has been investigating in Turkey.
Sphinx in Egypt is also reported as much older one than that of established theory.
So, I think that the prehistory of human kind will be revised in near future.
Let’s study about the root of human civilization in super ancient era.

Paradise in Asia should be called as a Department Store of human kind society in super ancient history where everything you can see.
People had enjoyed full-filled life, variety and charms of rich culture, abundant nature though they had suffered disasters in some time.
It’s a place as our homeland, too.

Even now in here, you will surely feel of those and relieved.

Please, join this friend circle.

Leader of Newpia


Theory Framework


Structure and built age of Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang